Thursday, November 17, 2011

Map - Year 2, Turn 2

The map for the second turn of year 2 sees a marked increase in conflict. Here's the breakdown for each realm:

Warriors of Chaos:
The armies invaded in the night. Great was the lamentation of the villagers as the northern hordes
poured ashore... The Chaos troops landed in Nordland (E13) and Ostland (F15) occupying both
provinces without serious effort... the once proud Empire, now bereft of leadership was falling apart.
With Chaos armies to the west and east of Altdorf things looked bleak indeed. The two Chaos fleets
moved to take Altdorf harbour (F14) only to be met by fierce resistance as Admiral Schenker moved
to delay the invasion. The squadrons of Wolfships sold themselves dearly but eventually succumbed
to the overwhelming power of the Black Fleet as the waters ran red with blood. Despite severe
losses Chaos took the bay while the soon to be besieged populace looked on in horror.

None of the electors are able to restore command as the political vacuum continues. All unengaged
armies and fleets stand.

The fleet in C10 (Brayherd) continued west through the channel to C9 (The Beast Paths) to close off
the choke point between Norslatch Isle and The Isle of Mists

The Bretonnian army in Lyonesse (D8) moved east and crossed the border into the empty plains
of C9 (The Beast Paths) occupying it in the name of the Bretonnian King. The army stationed in
L’Anquille (C7) uses the two fleets to pontoon south across the sea to Aquitaine (D7).

The siege of Kislev continues for another two weeks. The Bretonnian armies held their discipline in
the face of decreasing supplies. Eventually the Tsar’s Cossars buckle on the walls and the Bretonnian
King’s Troops Foot knights storm through. Realising defeat is inevitable the Tsar sues for peace.
Preferring an ally on his northern flank the King accepts. Peace is agreed and Kislev accepts its vassal status. The cost was heavy as another 200points of Bretonnian troops fall in battle.

The two Vampire fleets in Straddlebrook (F5) are ordered south east to take Karak Kadrin (G6). The
First Fleet (A) is caught in storms and is unable to push on (bad scout result). However the second
Fleet (B) does find its way through and lands with its army in G6. The Undead troops in the army deposited by Fleet B are reported to wipe out the Dwarven villagers before turning them into
undead playthings. Vampires take Karak Kadrin.

The Dwarf Army in Kazad Thrund (H5) moves north to defend Barak Varr (G5) while the explorers
sent out by the Army in The Empty Coast (H2) find evidence of an abandoned mine – prospectors
greedily go deeper underground to see what lies beneath. Finally, the Dwarf army in Flayed Rock
(J2) moves south along the desert coast and occupies the formerly Ogre held villages of Pigbarter

The Ogre fleet in The Great Hall (I7) moves north along the coast to Rockguts (H7). Great roars of joy are heard when the Ogre Army in Dreary wood (J8) moves south to find a friendly city in the Plain of Woe (K8). The city immediately joins the Ogre Kingdoms amidst much celebration. Finally, the army stationed in Shambletown (G9) when advancing north discovers an abandoned fortress beside a glowing crater in (F9) which it immediately occupies. Despite this boon the place feels somehow wrong and many Ogres are beset by living nightmares.

“Cold war between brother and sister turns to total war as the Asur and Druchii try and obliterate
each other.”

Dark Elves:
The With King sends his armies in The Black Pillar (H14) and Mournwood (I14) – using a fleet - to
besiege the High Elf city of Caledor (H13)

“Siege in Caledor (H13) – 1000pts Dark Elf attacking 625pts High Elves defending a city”

High Elves:
The Phoenix King sends his armies in Nagarythe (I13) to attack the Dark Elf ruins of Karond Kar (J14)

“Open Battle in Karond Kar (J14) – 1500pts High Elf attacking 720pts Dark Elves”

In other news the High Elf Army in Lothern (I11) moves south to explore Yvresse (J11) and the
High Elf Army stationed in the Fortress of the Dawn (J12) advances south east to Tiranoc (J13) and
towards the Dark Elf Border.

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