Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Faq 1

Settlements separated by sea from the Capital, how do they provide revenue if they are isolated?
They provide revenue just fine provided you can trace a line of control to your capital, i.e. You have an unbroken line of provinces to your capital that you control (you don't 'control' provinces that are being besieged. You also dont 'control' provinces you own if it has an enemy ship in it and you don't have an army - pirates)

Can fleets embark an army, move and land an army in the same turn?
The fleet can embark and move but it can't 'land' an army unless it's landing on a different island on the same province (hex). The exceptions are high elves and dark elves because their ships can normally move two squares.

How does a banner act in allied provinces?
To ally with a player you must sign an official peace treaty seen by the GM. 'Allied' armies cannot get subsistence from tiles they don't own. Also no revenue can be garnered from a tile with an allied army in it in the last campaign month. Finally, allied armies cannot make winter quarter in their allies realm.

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