Saturday, November 19, 2011

Map - Year 2, Turn 2 continued

The latter part of turn 3 see the dark elves in Karond Kar (it got wrecked by the quake remember) in J14 (karond kar) withdraws to the dark elf capital in I15 (Naggarond) to prepare for the inevitable siege in future months.

The high elves pursue the withdrawing force through karond kar killing 50 points worth of dark elf troops. The high elves take Karond Kar. The dark elf army moves to the high walls of I15 (Naggarond - dark elf capital).

The supreme dark elf commander of the forces sent to take Caledor has opted to starve out the high elf defenders and batter the walls. Settlements under siege do not provide subsistence. When the high elves run out of food (baggage) the serious rolls will begin.

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