Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rules - Winter Retreat over Sea

Rules from White Dward 135 for winter retreat over sea.

Banners separated from their realm by sea may move to Winter Quarters without suffering the hardships of a Winter Retreat if there is sufficient sea transportation in the empire. For every ship counter in the empire, the player may retreat 1 banner across the sea. In order to return successfully to Winter Quarters the banner must still be able to trace a route from its position at the end of the year to a coast tile, and from the coast on the other side to  its own realm. Banners returning to Winter Quarters from overseas  do not have to trace their route via harbours - any coastal tiles in their empire will do. Note that the process involved is not a literal one of a specific ship carrying a specific banner, rather the number of ship models is taken as standing for the general maritime capacity of the nation and its ability to move troops and supplies overseas. Banners unable to retreat in this way must make a Winter Retreat representing the haphazard requisitioning of boats and supplies from local sources.

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