Monday, December 19, 2011

Map - Year 2, Turn 6, Year's End

And so year 2 draws to a close with the smell of burning goat and the watery graves of ogres...

A brief battle report from the Heart of The Dark.

Commander Delecroix look out at his next battle and despaired. "Where is the glory in this?" It was the voice of Julian La Roux, youngest of the Grail Knights. He had taken his vows after the storming of Kislev. Not even six months ago. Since then hard riding and little else. One ambush aside, all they had faced on this journey were bemused villagers eager to join their cause and wasteland. These men would ride with him in hell for a righteous cause. They feared not battle nor death. The lack of these things made them grow restless however. A quality unbecoming of a sworn knight of Bretonnia. The question needed answering. "First you honour our Lady, then you fulfill your duties to the Realm. Glory will follow soon enough."

Forces at play

The Bretonnian outriders had informed Delecroix that the Beasts ranks were depleted and that their attempts to rally support were mostly unsuccessful.( rolled a two on the muster table, Noel decided on a single chariot.)The  Beasts leader was a Doombull, and his personal guard would make up the bulk of the opposition.(1 doombull with heirloom and magic items, 3 minotaurs great weapons, unit champion.) The remainder was made up of chariots (3 i believe). There as no magic detected by the Damsel.

At Commander Delecroix disposal were 9 sworn knights of the Grail. (full command, war banner.) Two units of Peagus Knights (3 knights in each full command I think in each). His own guard rounded out his force. (6 Knights of the Realm fc, 1 lvl 1 damsel, 1 paladin bsb virtue of duty, 1 Bret Lord with heirloom.)

The Battle

First we honour our Lady.

Beastmen go first and move straight across the table full march move. The Minotaurs lead with all three chariots tuck in just behind. Noels entire army delivers impact hits if they charge. This forces me to charge them in response rather then wait to get hit. My first turn, the KotR pass their fear test and charge the minotaurs. The Grail Knight do likewise. One unit of PK charges a Chariot the
other fails its charge roll and goes forward 4 inches instead. The fight for all the marbles. My general calls out his general. Noel answers with his unit champ. I score one wound on the champ. Then the frenzied champ with his 5 str 7 attacks misses with all of them. Sweet. I forget to call out his general with anyone of the Grail Knights so he goes to town on them. 6 str 5 hits out of 7. Amour save 4 of them and ward save 1. Oh on, they killed Julian. In return i do 8 wounds to the the remaining minotaurs, win combat by at least ten. Noel fails his break test, i run him down and overrun into his two ramaining chariots. Noel concedesa and burns his capital out from under me.

I got very lucky with this fight. At the very least i probably should have lost my general too. If one of the units of Knight had not made the charge roll i was in big trouble also.

Still better lucky then good.

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