Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Sangrin Hopetaker looked at the scroll before him then looked at the robed emissary that brought it and waited patiently for him to sign. He had not seen the emissary's face, nor had he wanted to, the smell was enough, no amount of rose water or whatever that smell was could hide the unmistakable stink rot underneath. The emissary had appeared before the city gates that morning, never saying a word but he had 
been expected. Sangrin's bodyguards stared coldly at the emissary. He reached for his quill, signed it then handed it to assistant who passed it back for the emissary. a pale white hand, much tattooed took it and it disappeared into his robes, he turned then padded out of the throne room much to the relief of all those there. So, an alliance with the powers of chaos. strange days indeed. this had better be worth it.

This being a record of agreements reached at the third summit at the City of Naggarond.  It is decided; that the lands owned by the Elves and Norse shall be inviolate, that if called upon their respective armies will muster in support of each other realms, that passage will be provided through each Kingdom for winter retreat, that neither will inhibit the well being of the others realm through mean corporeal or mystic.  It is agreed that these restrictions and alliances shall be binding for no more than the period of one campaigning season and furthermore whomsoever shall contravene, despoil or violate this concord shall henceforth be known as Oathbreaker and Violator.
Harakj          Sangrin

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