Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Army Banners: Dwarf Gyrocopter

Oh-arr I 'ave been paintin'. We mentioned previously that Warmaster models would be a great option for army banners.

You are privileged to be present for the unveiling of my new all powerful army banner. I can't lose with this baby on the map.
First off, click this link, come right back and let it play in the background.
...now you're ready. Check out my Warmaster Gyrocopter (original less mocking post here). 

It's just the right scale for the map we have. Mmm, shiny new stealth copter at my command, to place on the map at the next BasterdCon.  Be ashamed of your grey plastic markers - ASHAMED!

warmaster gyrocopter
More bling than you know what to do with.
warmaster gyrocopter
99 problems, Gyrocopter ain't one.

warmaster gyrocopter
"Smoke me a kipper, 
I'll be back for breakfast."
warmaster gyrocopter
Hammerer for scale appreciation. Bask in it's shiny gyro glow.