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Map - Year 4, Turn 2

 History of the Sundered Isles – The Forty First Year of the Second Age. Macdanalus, scrivener to the King. The Fourth Year and Second Campaign Month of the Great War

Warriors of Chaos
Naggarond (I15) was left defenceless against the marauding hordes from the north as the Chaos fifth
army swept down from Hag Graef (H15). The gates were left open by the fearful citizens as a sign
of submission in an attempt to save the undefended ancient capital from destruction. At first none
resisted the invaders. But then the killing frenzy began as the chaos lord allowed his men to reap
their harvest of skulls. Fully one third of the population was butchered before darkness fell and the
killing stopped. The eight sided star was raised above the witch king’s palace and the Elven court
transformed into a charnel house. The Norse seventh cavalry tries to use the local fleet to move
south from ruined Averland (G15) in a bid to support the advance forces on Kinsblood Isle – however squalls and storms prevent the crossing and the army remained stuck in Averland. The troops stationed at Black Pillar (H14) marched south to seize the gleaming port city of Caledor (H13) from the Elves. The rest of the troops on Smith’s Isle moved north to protect Altdorf against a Druchii counterattack - the force in Ghrond (G13) swept down from the mountains to occupy the Wall’s of Azul (F13) while the Daemon host spirited itself north from Averland (G15) to Ostland (F15).

Meanwhile the Northern command ordered their armies on the Isle of Beasts to hold position while the home army marched out from the Cauldron (C15) to Northern Elswood (B15) in search of ancient mysteries. And all the while the monstrous fleet continued its slow journey south from Hersig (F11). It had reached the Silver River estuary (G11) by month’s end.

Dark Elves
The Druchii continued to marshall the defence of their homeland against the encroaching horde.
The preparations for the coming storm continued in the garrisoned fortress of Karond Kar (J14)
while the other army on Kinsblood Isle tightened their belts and moved to garrison the old Asur
built Fortress of the Dawn (J12). The Elf force on Smith’s Isle (G12) pushed south to the Bastion
Hills (H12) to cut off the Norse advance. On Norslatch the veterans of Fimul feasted on the finest
Bretonnian delicacies before pushing north to the frigid coast of Brionne (B8) where these dire
reavers proceeded to terrorise the local population and seize control of the province.

The Bretonnian King redeployed his forces in central Norslatch following the debacle at the Ruins
of Fimul. The armies in Couronne (C6) and Brionne (B8) gathered at the great mines of Bastonne
(B7) to consider their options. Meanwhile the eastern cavalry made to gallop west from Brayherd
(C10) to reinforce Norslatch but their scouts were lost amidst rumours of bandit activity in the area.
The campaign to pacify the Kurgan continued as the fourth army moved north from the Skull Lands
(D9) to the Place of Dark Rain (D10). There they brought a Kurgan force to battle and destroyed the defenders at the cost of 200 troops.

Vampire Counts
Deadite rule of Asur’s rest continued to expand slowly in typically methodical fashion. The twin
armies in The Twins (G7) grabbed Shattered Stone Bay (H8) without experiencing Ogre resistance.
Meanwhile the Liche ordered his forces in Shambletown (G9) to attack the Ogre army garrisoning
Bloodpeak (H10)

Battle for Bloodpeak
1000 points of Vampire Counts versus 690 points of Ogres

Decision for Deccie – Do you want to fight an open battle or to retreat behind
the fortress walls and make it a siege?

The temple warriors on Norslatch rode west to Hel Fenn (B3) while those Undead armies based in
barren lands were ordered to go exploring - both were to return empty handed from their searches.
Finally, the ghost ships continued their passages south to end the month off the Eerie Downs (E5)
and the Twins (G7).

Ogres and Dwarfs
The cold war on Kanesdue started to heat up. The Ogre fleet in the Creeping Caves (J7) overcame
their withershins and pursued the Dwarf fleet into the Hissing Coast (J6). But the Dwarfs had already
pushed north to safety off the coast of Direbogs (I6). This time the horde of the Great Hall (I7) was
able to overcome the portents of terror. The Ogre fourth army rushed out to engage the Dwarf army
in Dreary Wood (J8) but in the intervening time the stunties had moved north to seize the great
fortress known locally as the Tusk (I8). With the Dwarfs seemingly refusing every engagement the
enraged Ogre Tyrant moved his second and third armies to assault the tricksy Dwarfs at the Creeping
Caves. Would we finally have an open battle between the two Kingdoms?

Conflict at the Creeping Caves
2000 points of Ogres versus 2365 points of Dwarfs

Decision for Craig – Do you want to fight an open battle or to retreat behind
the fortress walls and make it a siege?

On Dolmen Isle the Dwarf home army (G3) returned back to Karaz-a-Karak (H3).


The Lord of Chaos wrests the throne of Naggarond from the Witch King. He now requires just two
more thrones to be crowned Emperor of the Sundered Isles.

Warriors take Naggarond (I15) from the Dark Elves – capital city
Warriors take Caledor (H13) from the Dark Elves – city
Warriors take the Wall’s of Azul (F13) from independents – barren

Dark Elves take Brionne (B8) from Bretonnia – village

Bretonnians take the Place of Dark Rain (D10) from independents – village

Vampire Counts take Shattered Stone Bay (H8) from the Ogres – village

Ogres take Dreary wood (J8) from the Dwarfs – barren

Dwarfs take the Tusk (I8) from the Ogres - fortress

Simulated Battles
Bretonnians lose 200 troops at the Place of Dark Rain

Pending Battles
Conflict at the Creeping Caves
• 2000 points of Ogres versus 2365 points of Dwarfs

Battle for Bloodpeak
• 1000 points of Vampire Counts versus 690 points of Ogres

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