Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Map - Year 4, Diplomacy

Winter Plans 1
After years of occupation, invasion and devastation it was time for peace. The Chieftain of the
Kurgan surveyed his lands. In the last five years alone these lands had been despoiled and ruined
by first the Beasts, then the Bretonnians and finally the Norse. The Norse even had the cheek to try
bribing him with food and armour, mere trinkets.

Now this mysterious and pallid envoy was offering him and his people an eternity of peace and the
strength to destroy their enemies. He knew he shouldn’t trust her...but those eyes were transfixing,
almost hypnotic. He knew he would acquiesce.

Diplomacy Missions to the Kurgan League:
Norse ambassador is flayed alive.
Lamhian ambassador secures an alliance with the Chieftain of the Kurgan League.
Beastheart (E9); The Vile Cliffs (E8) and Grimmenhagen (F10) are all subsumed into the
Kingdom of the Vampire Counts.

Grag the Lord of the Tusk was impressed by the northern warrior. His Tyrant had failed him. It had
been a hard winter and many Ogres had starved. This Warrior had come from across the sea with
offerings of food and giant blackened suits of armour. With these gifts he would be able to restore
the glory of the Tusk.

Grag looked at the Dwarf ambassador and licked his lips. Dinner...
Diplomacy Missions to the Kanesdue alliance:
Dwarf ambassador is eaten.
Norse ambassador secures an alliance with the Lord of the Tusk. The Tusk (I8); Slave-
Slaughter (I9) and Tor Achare (I10) are all subsumed into the Kingdom of the Warriors of
Chaos. The eight sided star is raised over Kanesdue.

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