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Map - Year 6, Autumn Spells & Winter Quarters

Winter of the Sixth Year.

Autumn Spells
The Winds of Magic blew strongly at the Autumn equinox. From deep within the bowels of the
Cauldron, the Sorcerers of Chaos unleashed a reign of madness upon Hag Graef (H15). The entire
population, even the dead, became infected with a whirling madness and dances into the sea
never to be seen again. It is rumoured that 3,549 undead troops are lost in the disaster, while Hag
Graef itself is razed. However, rumours of the dead king’s demise were proven incorrect. From
dark Mousillon he sent out a call of heroes. Fully 1,000 long dead heroes are drawn to the vampire
capital to offer their services to the Liche. Meanwhile, the living peasants of the undead realm were
magically bolstered by the power of dark magic and 5 extra crowns of revenue were added to the
undead coffers. The Runelords attempted to blight the lands of the Norse but it was too much and
too far - they failed. Finally, the Damsels and Prophetesses of the Lady of the Lake completed a
ritual to restore life and beauty to Western Elswood (C14). The fortress recovers and the province
becomes part of the Bretonnian Kingdom – right on the edge of the Norse capital.

Winter Quarters
The siege of the Cauldron exacts its price over the long winter – but the defenders harden their
resolve and cling on over the winter. ‘Both’ the attacker and defender will have to spend 4 baggage
points if they want to keep their armies alive over winter. The Norse 3 rd army on Kinsblood,
the ‘fighting Graelings’, is unable to make proper winter quarters and is forced to hunker down into
a winter retreat. The ravages of the encroaching winter prove devastating and three quarters of the
army - 300 troops - freeze to death over the course of the winter.

Winter Events
As with every year the winter was accompanied by privation and despair for some and ale and song
for others. The Vampire kingdom had a particularly plentiful harvest which yielded 5 additional gold
crowns of revenue. However, the Bretonnian kingdom was wracked by a peasant revolt in protest
at high taxes. Crushing the revolt cost the Bretonnians 2 gold crowns of revenue. Meanwhile, the
destabilised Norse kingdom lost the fortress of Karond Kar (J14) to rebellion. Karond Kar declares
independence as a free elf kingdom in alliance with Arnheim (K14). Finally, the Dwarf people make a special tribute to the Dwarf ruler. Sadly the tribute is a miserly 1 gold crown of revenue. No one ever said Dwarfs were generous.

Territorial Changes

Bretonnians seize Western Elswood (C14) from the Warriors – Fortress (no longer razed)

Independents seize Karond Kar (J14) from the Warriors – Fortress

Hag Graef (H15) – undead village is razed

Political Power and Remaining Forces at end of Year Six
Note that razed settlements produce no revenue and are not included here.

Vampire Counts (3 capitals – holds tiebreaker):
  • 1 King
  • 2,500 Troops (including the call of heroes)
  • 0 Siege Battery
  • 3 Fleets
  • 1 Temple
Revenue: From capitals = 8; from other cities = 4; from fortresses = 8; from villages = 17; from bumper crop = 5; from plentiful harvest = 5
Total Revenue = 47

Dwarfs (3 capitals):
  • 0 King
  • 3,955 Troops
  • 1 Siege Battery
  • 3 Fleets
  • 1 Temple
Revenue: from capitals = 8; from other cities = 4; from fortresses = 2; from villages = 15; from mines = 4; from special tribute = 1
Total Revenue = 34

Bretonnians (2 capitals):
  • 1 King
  • 5,487 troops (700 troops need 4 baggage to be protected over winter)
  • 0 Siege Battery
  • 1 Fleet
  • 0 Temple
Revenue: from capitals = 8; from other cities = 4; from fortresses = 4; from villages = 16; from mines = 2; peasant revolt = (-2)
Total Revenue = 32

Warriors of Chaos (2 capitals):
  • 1 King
  • 2,924 troops (1,090 troops need 4 baggage to be protected over winter)
  • 1 Siege Battery
  • 1 Fleet
  • 0 Temple
Revenue: from capitals = 4; from other cities = 2; from fortresses = 2; from villages =6
Total Revenue = 14

Spending Revenue
I am trying to streamline things so from now on I have given a particular cost for buying baggage and
a particular cost for recovering razed settlements. See below for full costs:

  • Diplomatic Mission = 1 gold
  • Recruitment = 1 gold per 100pts of troops
  • Recovery = 1 gold to recover a village; 2 gold to recover a fortress; 3 gold to recover a city
  • Construction = 3 gold and 1 timber per fleet; 2 gold and 1 timber per siege battery; 5 gold and 1 timber to upgrade a village to a fortress; 10 gold and 1 timber to upgrade a barren to a fortress; 15 gold and 1 timber to upgrade a village to a city; 3 gold and 1 timber to build a great wall.
  • Baggage = 1 gold per 4 baggage
  • Espionage = 1 gold per Assassin; 1 gold per D6 spies; 1 gold per saboteur; 1 gold per Agent

Don’t forget to deploy your banners and fleets – the king and any siege batteries (max 1 per army)
are assigned to an army during deployment. Baggage is also assigned to banners at deployment.
Banners have a minimum size of 500pts and a maximum size of 1500pts.

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