Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Map - Year 6, Turn 3

History of the Sundered Isles – The Forty Third Year of the Second Age. Macdanalus, Scrivener to the King. The Sixth Year and Third Campaign Month of the Great War.

The Dwarf warriors looked around in horror as they entered the ancient and abandoned city of
Lothern (I11) beneath the multicolour skies of the storm of magic. There didn’t appear to be a soul
alive yet each one of the Dawi warriors would later swear that they could hear screaming coming
from within the very walls themselves. Anguished faces appeared to ripple across the road while
unspeakable runes of dark power were daubed everywhere in blood and in other substances. Similar
horrors faced the accompanying fleet as it steamed into harbour. Insane mewling creatures loped
around the grand square but did not trouble the Thane as he passed through the doors of the throne
room. His prize rested inside – the Asur Crown. Two more crowns and Lordship of the Sundered Isles would be his.

Elsewhere the Kanesdue fleet sailed east to Tor Achare (I10) while the expeditionary force in the
Scorpion wastes (J4) reported nothing of interest to be found.

The Lord of the Deadites continued his own schemes for Overlordship of the Sundered Isles.
The ghost fleet deposited its cargo of skeletons onto Kinsblood Isle and the undead troops then
proceeded to seize control of the unoccupied Nagarythe province (I13). Meanwhile the force outside
the Black Pillar (H14) was reinforced by a second undead army marching from Talabheim (G14).
Unfortunately due to a communications breakdown the force at the Walls of Azul (F13) failed to
move. Its fleet however moved north to the coast off Nordland (E13). Back on Norslatch the undead
templars rode out on a secret mission to the Red River (D2).

The frustrated King of the Druchii could only watch, wait and plan as the undead hordes waited
outside his bastion.

Far to the north the King of the Bretonni decided the time had come. After completing his morning
offerings to the Lady of the Lake he declared a great crusade against the Norsemen and their
monstrous allies. The Bretonnian fleet landed with immense fanfare at the northernmost point of
the Foot. Upon landing the King announced the liberation of the benighted isle while his knights
took control of the local villages (B14) of Sarl. Back on Norslatch the Bretonnian armies restlessly
continued their manoeuvres before garrisoning in the Plains of Fimul (C8) and the Grey Mountains

The despoiling of Kinsblood continued apace. The armies in the Fortress of the Dawn (J12) and in
Har Ganeth (J15) spent weeks rounding up the terrified populaces into large pens before unleashing
vast blood sacrifices to the chaos gods. The massive energies released by the dark rituals appeared to burn reality as dark and unnatural figures emerged howling from the void. The army in Lothern
abandoned the now dead city to the Dwarfs and moved east into the newly destroyed Fortress of
the Dawn (J12), while the army in Naggarond (I15) marched west into Karond Kar (J14). Meanwhile
the banner in Hag Graef (H15) withdrew south into Clar Karond (I16). The chaos fleet continued its
pursuit north to catch the Bretonnians – moving into the waters off Western Elswood (C14). The
two armies in Western Elswood (C14) merged into a single force while the monstrous host to the
south withdrew back to the Norse capital (C15)


Game Effects
Dwarfs take Lothern (I11) from the Warriors of Chaos – razed High Elf capital

Undead take Nararythe (I13) from the Warriors of Chaos – barren

Bretonnians take Sarl (B14) from the Warriors of Chaos – village

Fortress of the Dawn is razed (J12) – Warriors of Chaos lose 100 troops but summon a 400pt
Daemon army.
Har Ganeth is razed (J15) – Warriors of Chaos lose 100 troops but summon a 400pt Daemon army.


  1. Still enjoying reading about your campaign and very much enjoying these write-ups. Just wanted you guys to know.

    1. Cheers! It's a great record for a campaign, and it's nice to hear other are enjoying it.