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Map - Year 7, Turn 2

History of the Sundered Isles – The Forty Fourth Year of the Second Age. Macdanalus, Scrivener to the King. The Seventh Year and Second Campaign Month of the Great War

The Bretonnian King and his two armies (C14) swept arrogantly into the Cauldron (C15) from
Western Elswood. The Norse capital had been abandoned to its fate and the Bretonni quickly moved
to secure the city from the inevitable counter-attack. The Norse King waited silently in the hills to
the South East (D16) of the Cauldron as the Bretonnians entered his capital and seat of power. He
had spent the month reorganising his three armies to best advantage. His men were restless and
wanted to attack. Not yet. Soon, very soon… The Norse ship sailed up the coast from Kvellig (D14) to Western Elswood (C14).

On Asur’s Rest it was the same story as the Bretonni marched in unopposed from the Giant’s Bed
Mountains (F7) to take the Lost City of the Old Ones (G8) from the Undead, a city of great wonder
yet also great horror. The conquering march of the chromatic army had not finished yet and their
knights marched west from the Iron Hills (C4) and the Grey Mountains (C5) to seize the Undead
fortresses of Castle Drakenhof (C3) and Castle Templehof (D4). The wall of bone was breached.

The Dwarfs own march of conquest continued in earnest. The 4th army in Licheburg (E3) and the 1st
army in Northern Morswald boarded ships at Licheburg and sailed north to the coast off Mousillion
(D3) while the 5th army in Licheburg marched east to seize Swartzhafen (F4) from the Undead. The
long awaited amphibious assault also began, with Dawi forces (G6) pouring ashore on Asur’s Rest to
capture the villages surrounding the twins (G7). The raucous journey of the drunken Slayer pirates
finally ended to the relief of the captain. The orange haired emos were deposited ashore at the old
Ogre graveyard of Direbogs (I6). Finally, the army on Kanesdue marched north from the Tusk to take
Gask Kardak from the Undead (H9).

Reeling from the loss of six provinces, the Liche King made his moves. The counter-attack began with Undead troops shambling ashore on the Isle of Mists to capture the Herding Plain (E12) from the Bretonnians. The Undead abandoned Asur’s Rest for now and used the fleet sailing in to Shattered Stone Bay (H8) to pontoon across to Kanesdue Isle (K8) on the southern shore of the bay. The third fleet deposited its cargo of ghouls ashore to seize Nagarythe (I13), before sailing back to Caledor (H13), where the Caledor garrison immediately boarded ship. The Undead mop-up of Smith’s Isle continued with the King’s army capturing Ostland (F15). Scouting troubles prevented the other army in Talabheim (G14) from moving.

Territorial Changes
Bretonnians take the Cauldron from the Warriors (C15) – Warriors of Chaos capital
Bretonnians take the Lost City of the Old Ones from the Undead (G8) – Legendary and ancient capital – razed.
Bretonnians take Castle Drakenhof from the Undead (C3) – fortress and bridge
Bretonnians take Castle Templehof from the Undead (C3) – fortress

Dwarfs take Swartzhafen from the Undead (F4) – village
Dwarfs take The Twins from the Undead (G7) – village
Dwarfs take Gash Kardak from the Undead (H9) – barren

Undead take the Herding Plain from the Bretonnians (E12) – village
Undead take Nagarythe from the Warriors (I13) – barren
Undead take Ostland from the Warriors (F15) - barren

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