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Map - Year 5, Turn 1

History of the Sundered Isles – The Forty Second Year of the Second Age. Macdanalus, scrivener to the King. The Fifth Year and First Campaign Month of the Great War

The Third Battle for the Great Hall
With the winter snows clearing fast the Dwarf Lord ordered all of his troops on Kanesdue to
converge on the Ogre’s Great Hall to finally eliminate Ogre resistance. However plans do not always
go as intended and the Dwarf 4th army holed up in Tor Elyr (J9) found their scouts beaten back by
the magical storm brewed up by the Ogre Slaughtermasters at the spring equinox. Nevertheless
the Dwarfs descended on the Great Hall (I7) from Rockguts in the north (H7) and from the Creeping
Caves in the south (J7). The Dwarfs came with great siege engines fit to render the bastion walls
of the Great Hall ineffective. But the Ogre Tyrant had prepared well over winter. A muster of Ogre
loyalists rallied to their Tyrant while the Chaos force garrisoned at The Tusk (I8) marched out to
crush the bearded ones. It would prove perhaps the most decisive battle of the whole campaign.

Alliance of Ogres and Warriors of Chaos (2055 combined troops) vs. Dwarfs (1954 troops)

Ogres are 755pts + 300pts of mustered troops 

• the muster is core and can have either vanguard or scout

Warriors of Chaos are 1000pts

Dwarfs are 1954pts

• Dwarfs have a siege engine so it will be an open battle and not a siege

The only remaining action left for the Ogres and the Dwarfs was with their fleets. The two Ogre
fleets off the coast of the Great Hall (I7) pushed north into Rockguts (H7) to chase down the nearby
Vampire fleet, while the Dwarf fleets in the south steamed back into the magical storm enveloping
Tor Elyr (J9).

The Chaos Lord opted to defend what he had in Altdorf (F14), Naggarond (I15) and the Cauldron
(C15) by having his armies stand. The Chaos 6th army in Tiranoc (J13) tightened its collective belt
and advanced purposefully on the Dark Elven Fortress of the Dawn (J12). The Fortress surrendered
without even a fight leaving the Norse on the cusp of taking the Lothern throne. The Chaos 7 th army
in Tiranoc had a harder time of it and lost 50 troops to starvation. Meanwhile the 7 th had horrific
plans for Tiranoc and proceeded to gather forcibly together the oppressed population at an ancient
Elven ley line. After 77 hours spent sacrificing 777 Elves and 100 of their own troops in increasingly
depraved and gruesome ways, a rip in the very fabric of reality burst open over the mystical ley
lines, and a nightmare army of darkness emerged forth to bolster the chaos hordes on Kinsblood.
Finally,the Chaos fleet off Hergig (F11) stood its ground while its southern counterpart sailed north
from Tor Achare (I10) to Bloodpeak (H10).

The last Dark Elf force active in the Sundered Isles marched north-west from Clar Karond (I16) to
reclaim Hag Graef H15 from the Norse. But with the Norse now on the verge of seizing Lothern, the

Dark Elf lord knew he would have to strike the following month against Naggarond (I15) itself or it
would be the end for his realm.

The Bretonnian King marshalled his forces in the north. The army in Montfort (B5) marched south to
reclaim the Grey Mountains (C5) from the Dark Elf corsairs while the army in Couronne (C6) moved
south in to Quenelles (D6). To the east the banner in Brayherd (C10) moved across the bridge to the
Plain of Ruin (C11) while the force based in the Place of Dark Rain (D10) retook the Forest of Eyes
(D11) from the Warriors of Chaos.

The Vampire lord took his chance on Kanesdue and moved the banner in Shattered Stone Bay (H8)
south to take the Tusk (I8) from the Warriors of Chaos. Meanwhile the army in Shambletown (G9)
marched to the eastern coast of Asur’s Rest (H10) while the armies in the Glowing Crater (F9) and in
Eagle Eyries (G10) both took ship. The fleet at the Glowing Crater (F9) sailed north east to the coast
off Grimmenhagen (F10) while scouting problems bedevilled the fleet at Eagle Eyries (G10) which
ended up delayed for the month. The third undead fleet sailed east through the channel between
Kanesdue and Asur’s Rest and came to a stop at Gash Kardak (H9). On the Isle of Mists the Undead
advanced on and took the Warriors of Chaos base in the Dark Forest (E10). Finally, the Blood Knights of the Iron Hills marched into the territory surrounding the Wizard’s Tower (B3). Fortunately for them the Wizard completely ignored the interlopers.

Warriors of Chaos take Fortress of the Dawn (J12) from the Dark Elves – fortress

Dark Elves take Hag Graeg (H15) from the Warriors of Chaos – village

Bretonnians take the Grey Mountains (C5) from the Dark Elves – village
Bretonnians take the Forest of Eyes (D11) from the Warriors of Chaos – village

Vampire Counts take the Tusk (I8) from the Warriors of Chaos – fortress
Vampire Counts take the Dark Forest (E10) from the Warriors of Chaos - village

Tally of the Dead
Warriors of Chaos lose 150 troops in Tiranoc (J13)

Warriors of Chaos gain a 500pt Daemon army located in Tiranoc (J13)
Tiranoc (J13) – village – is razed to the ground in unholy ritual

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