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Map - Year 5, Turn 2

History of the Sundered Isles – The Forty Second Year of the Second Age. Macdanalus, scrivener to the King. The Fifth Year and Second Campaign Month of the Great War

The Fall of Lothern
Warriors versus Dark Elves

The Norse sixth army (J12) entered uncontested through the great triumphal arch of Lothern (I11)
at dawn. After five years of Elven civil war followed by barbarian invasion it seemed to mark the end
of Elf power on the Sundered Isles. Anarchy broke out all over the Elf territories like a wave as news
of the surrender spread. On Norslatch Isle the province of Lyonesse (D8) declared independence,
while Silver River (G11) and Cothique (I12) did the same on Smith’s Isle. Meanwhile over half of Elf controlled Kinsblood Isle stayed loyal to the Witch King in exile. The heartland provinces around
Naggarond remained true but most of the western provinces descended into anarchy with Eataine
(K10), Avelorn (J10) and Yvresse (J11) all declaring independence from the Witch King.

The Witch King ordered his remaining forces north-west and across the bridge to Black Pillar (H14)
but dissent broke out once news of the fall of Lothern reached the force and the smaller of the two
banners mutinied and disbanded. 500 troops were lost to the Witch King. His remaining troops
seized the Fortress at Black Pillar (H14) from the Norse.

Finally, on Smith’s Isle the Altdorf banner (F14) was paralysed by torrential downpowers. The Chaos
Lord then ordered the Altdorf garrison to split into two separate 600 troop armies. Meanwhile on
Kinsblood the two banners at Tiranoc (J13) advanced into the Fortress of the Dawn (J12)

Naval Manoeuvrings
The Ogre fleet continued its hunt for Undead and Dwarf prey as it sailed east through Shattered
Stone Bay (H8). Meanwhile the Dwarf ships escaped the Slaughtermaster’s magical storm and
steamed east to the coast of Avelorn (J10).

Vampires versus Warriors
The Norse 3rd fleet found itself stuck off Bloodpeak (H10) by inclement weather and was surprised
by an Undead fleet pushing north from Gash Kardak (H9). The undead fleet dominated the early
exchanges but everything changed when the Undead admiral decided to try and use an outer
tendril of the storm of magic to destroy the Norse fleet. As he prepared to cast his purple sun he
suddenly lost control. The amethyst energies arced out of his body, spreading from ship to ship
as a calamitous dimensional cascade sucked his soul into the realm of chaos. A great purple light
settled over the undead fleet before dissipating. The newly crystalline fleet lingered beautifully for a
moment before sinking beneath the waves.

Further north the remaining Vampire fleets at Grimmenhagen (F10) and Eagle Eyries (G10)
converged on the Norse fleet off Hersig (F11). The Undead fleets quickly smashed through the Norse
defences and sunk the Chaos Fleet in a display of overwhelming orce. The way through to Altdorf and even beyond was now laid open to the Undead...

The War on Kanesdue
The Dwarf army at Tor Elyr (J9) moved out of the storm wracked province to wrest Dreary Wood

(J8) from the Ogres. This time they decided to take a more cautious approach and made camp at the
southern edge of the great forest to gather intelligence.

Vampires versus the Ogre/Norse alliance
As the Ogres and their Norse allies feasted on Dwarf flesh the Undead commander sensed his
opportunity on Kanesdue had finally arrived. The ancient warrior marched his army out of the Tusk
(I8) and toward the Great Hall (I7). The ramshackle defences of the Ogre capital had been rebuilt
in the intervening weeks since the latest bloodstained assault by the Dwarfs, while local Ogre
mercenaries had newly arrived drawn by the prospect of meat. The two forces faced off...

Fourth Battle for the Great Hall

Vampire Counts vs. Ogre Kingdom and Warriors of Chaos Alliance

Vampire 3rd army is 900 points

Ogres have 350 points + a 300 point muster (core troops with scout or vanguard)

Warriors of Chaos have 200 points

Choice for the alliance: Fight in the open field or retreat behind the walls?

Choice for all: Tabletop or GM dice roll?

Let me know...

Isle of Mists Carve-Up
The Bretonnians and Undead with a wary eye at each other continued their mutual carve up of the
Isle of Mists. The Bretonni on the Plain of Ruin (C11) moved east to take Beast Rock (C12) while
their fellows in the Forest of Eyes (D11) marched south-east to occupy the Herding Plain (E12). The
Undead meanwhile became the fourth race to take the poor benighted city of Black Deeps (E11).

Belligerence on Norslatch
The Undead templars in Hel Fenn (B3) found themselves delayed by scouting miscommunications.
It turned out to be a terrible mistake for the denizen of the wizard’s tower took great offence at
their apparent refusal to leave. The wizard attacked the templars with his army and massacred them
utterly. He didn’t think it too many...

The Bretonnian army in the Grey Mountains (C5) marched south to Carcasonne (D5) while the
exploring Bretonnian army in Quenelles (D6) discovered an abandoned mine revealed to have a rich
vein of base metals worth 2 gold crowns per year.

Warriors of Chaos take Lothern (I11) from the Dark Elves – capital city and throne

Dark Elves take Black Pillar (H14) from the Warriors of Chaos - fortress
Dwarfs take Dreary Wood (J8) from the Ogres – barren

Bretonnia takes Beast Rock (C12) from Warriors of Chaos – village
Bretonnia takes Herding Plain (E12) from Warriors of Chaos – village

Vampire Counts takes Black deeps (E11) from Warriors of Chaos – city

Tally of the Dead
500 Dark Elf troops abandon the Witch King

Vampire 3rd fleet is destroyed off Bloodpeak (H10) by Warriors of Chaos

Warriors of Chaos 1st fleet is destroyed off Hersig (F11) by Vampire Counts

300 Vampire templars butchered by a mad wizard

The former Dark Elf provinces of Lyonesse (D8), Silver River (G11), Cothique (I12), Eataine (K10),
Avelorn (J10) and Yvresse (J11) all descend into anarchy and are now considered independent

Any of these provinces attacked next campaign month will not defend themselves as
anarchy still reigns. They will defend themselves as normal after that.

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