Monday, June 11, 2012

Map - Year 5, Spring Spells

The winds of magic blew weak at the spring equinox. The sorcerers of chaos failed to cast abundance on their kanesdue outpost while the damsels of the bretonni could not reach as far as to scrye Kinsblood.

The long range casting of the undead was mixed. They bombarded tiranoc (j13) with spells but failed to reach with their portents of terror. They were however able to cast 'rot' upon the land. All  the norscan baggage points in the province decay and are immediately destroyed. All baggage taken into the province are immediately destroyed this year. The two armies in tiranoc would have to tighten their belts.

Sensing the storm of magic was moving inland to Asur's rest the vampire lord used up the power of the lost city to push the storm back out to sea where it enveloped the warriors of chaos fleet docked at chrace (h11). The chaos fleet rode through the storm in a feat of immense seamanship, finding safe haven at tor achare (i10).

The slaughtermasters of the ogres blew through the magical protections of the dwarf runesmiths and conjured a mighty storm against the dwarf fleet at tor elyr (j9). These storms would last for the whole campaign season. Two of the three dwarf fleets escaped south west to the coast off the plain of woe (k8) but the third fleet was sunk.

Finally, the runelords used their mightiest anvils of doom to create a terrible earthquake against the tusk (i8) and leaving the settlement vulnerable. The defensive value of the fortress is reduced to zero for the rest of the campaign season.

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