Sunday, September 23, 2012

Misplaced Trust

The Siege of Altdorf

"No, not this one!", The elf king slid the blade and inch out of the scabbard with his left, shaking his finger on the right, the ghoul stepped back, looked confused for a second then went to another body and lifted it letting it flop ceremonialness into the cart. "where was I" mused the Dark Elf, "ah yes, stabbing me in the back, that was it wasn't it?", he exhaled and allowed himself a wry smile. "The thing is" he said patting the dead king on the chest, toying with the broken chain there, "we invented treachery".  The elf had spent the last half hour talking to the dead king much to the amusement of his men who were still guarding the gates and watching as the undead picked the battlefield clean. Say one thing for the undead, they were methodical.

The battle had gone better than expected, no casualties, in fact he had hardly gotten his blade dirty in the whole time. "The Dark elves fought bravely to the last chaos warrior!", he laughed and patted the dead king on the forehead, then cleaned some of the blood from his battered face. "Such a handsome face, what a waste.. what a waste", he sighed, rose, brushing dirt from his knees and walked back to his men, the ghoul appeared again, watched the elf recede and hastily signalled the cart towards the body of the chaos king

Today had gone better than expected, he and the last of his men had spent the last weeks preparing for the arrival of the undead with the savages.  A time of rest and repair.  Just what did the chaos king think, that he a dark elf would forget the treachery of his savages? pah! he expected more of them, if these were the inhabitants of a new age, then that age would last a very short while.

The undead were no fools, they knew taking Altdorf would be practically impossible with the large force there and were happy to accept his offer when he made it. The undead spy had made a poor show of not understanding the offer but it was quickly relayed to his handlers who accepted it without (literally he thought) biting his arm off.  To their credit they had followed they're side of the battle plan to the letter, he didn't trust them one bit and had expected to fall prey to them once they got into the castle but, they had been true to their word and the agreement drawn up and signed by both parties in secret some weeks before had held.

Breathing space, for now, he had breathing space and that was the best he could ask for. The undead if thing continued as they had would win this war and it was never a bad thing to be on the winning side.

Thus ended the life of the Chaos King, Rugged, Handsome, but no less dead for all that


  1. oh HO! Does that mean you actually killed Paul's King? Vic you beautiful person you.

    1. I'm afraid that the King fell to the vampire Thomas Von Carstein and a mob of ghouls. He died defending the main gates alone surrounded by the bodies of his chosen against the undead horde, but at the last the Gods deserted him and he fled, but Thomas was not to be denied...

  2. The dwarves have long memories Mr Timewalk...Or should I say Dwarf players do!!

  3. Late breaking news on the death of the king, more revealed in the fluff...