Thursday, October 11, 2012

Map - Year 6, Spring Spells

The Lord of the Undead redoubled his sorcerous assault on the lands of the Norsii and brought the
powers of raw magic into a deadly coalescence, dissolving the contents of barren Ostland (F15)
and creating a vortex of chaos. Efforts to cast withershins on Castle Hastling failed however. Similar
efforts by the Bretonni to cast portents of terror also failed. Meanwhile, the Sorceror Lords of the
Norse summoned a host of monsters to defend Kvellig (D14) from the coming invasion

An army of undead templars rode out again from the Iron Hills temple (C4) to follow the commands
of their undead master.

Far to the south the Runesmiths directed their elemental smith craft against the ancient walls of
Lothern (I11). The walls of Lothern crash spectacularly in the resulting earthquake – leaving the city
virtually helpless against attack. Meanwhile, the garrison’s leader looked with trepidation as the
great storm of magic rolled slowly over the city – covering it in an eldritch and ominous light. It was
exhilarating. Such power... Just to the west on Kanesdue the Dwarf infantry battalions prepared to
board the fleet. The Thane looked up just as they were about to set to sea and watched the arcane
storm rumbling in the distance. He put his pipe to his mouth. A new war was about to begin.

Game effects
  1. Banner of Vampire count cavalry1 worth 600pts appears in the Iron Hills (C4)*
  2. Banner of Warriors of chaos monsters2 worth 400pts appears in Kvellig (D14)*
  3. Ostland (F15) is impassable this campaign season
  4. Lothern’s (I11) defensive value is reduced to 0 until the following winter season
  5. The Storm of Magic settles over Lothern (I11)

*1. Entire army is composed of ether Black Knights and Wight kings or is composed of Blood Knights – no character – army does not have to be legally constructed
*2.  Entire army is composed of monsters, monstrous cavalry, monstrous beasts and monstrous infantry from theWarriors of Chaos book and/or the storm of magic book – army does not have to be legally constructed.

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