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The Fifth Winter
Following the infamous treachery at Altdorf, and the equally devastating ending of the Ogre
Kingdoms, the Undead Empire was now, just about, the strongest political and economic power
in the land. The Norse King was defeated but still a power in the east, while the might of the
Bretonnian King grew swiftly in the north as he waited patiently for his moment. The Dwarfs were
still standing following their bruising campaign against the Ogres but had lost their long desired prize of the Ogre capital to the Undead. The Druchii meanwhile continued to survive long after everyone else had written them off. Five years of war had passed and now just five of the nine Kingdoms survived. Four more would have to perish before the war could end. It was all to play for.

Autumn spells
The bitter hatred and enmity unleashed between the Norse, Druchii and Undead continued long
into the winter. What followed was perhaps the most devastating sequence of events since the war
began. In an act of supreme vengeance the Sorceror Lords unleashed a tornado of peril at Altdorf
(F14). Fed by the souls of a thousand innocents the whirling tornado of magical energy destroyed
the ancient seat of the Reiklanders in one hour of total chaos. The armies within, both Druchii and
Undead, were utterly wiped out in the maelstrom. Only the Dark Elf king escaped. But the Undead
were conjuring their own vile sorceries and such is the might of the Deadites that their spells can
reach across the continents to end their foes. So it was that a reign of madness befell Hag Graef
(H15). The entire population of the villages including the garrisoned Chaos army became infected
with a whirling madness and danced off into the sea never to be seen again. Once again however
the Norse King escaped his seemingly inevitable doom. Swearing vengeance on his enemies the
Chaos Lord returned to the Cauldron to plot revenge. However, unbeknownst to the Norse King the
Undead Necromancers had been cursing his homeland with dark spells of blight that caused crops to
shrivel and fail reducing the yield of the entire harvest. Meanwhile, the Bretonnians continued their
vengeance on the Druchii for the desolation of Norslatch by targeting Talabheim (G14) with a trail
of magical wind and storm – Talabheim was razed to the ground but the magical wind then spiralled
into the Walls of Azul before dissipating. Finally, the Dwarfs sent out a call of heroes from the great
horn at Karaz-a-Karak. A strangely familiar Slayer leads the small group of heroes that answer the
call. The storm of magic roils north to Bilbali (G12).

Game effects
  • Altdorf is razed - F14 (Dark Elves – capital city)
  • Hag Graef is razed – H15 (Warriors of Chaos – village)
  • Talabheim is razed – G14 (Dark elves – village)
  • Dark Elf 2nd army is destroyed by a tornado of peril – 545 troops
  • Remainder of Undead 1st, 2nd and 6th armies are destroyed by a tornado of peril -1351 troops
  • Warriors of Chaos 3rd army is destroyed by the reign of madness – 1500 troops and a siege train
  • Warriors of Chaos lose 5 revenues to blighted crops
  • Dwarfs gain 400pts of troops from their call of heroes
  • The Storm of Magic roils north to Bilbali (G12)  

 Winter Quarters
The Dwarfs, Bretonnians, Vampires and Dark Elves were all well prepared for winter and their armies had no problems making winter quarters. The Warriors of Chaos on the other hand were not nearly so lucky and two Norse armies lost troops to the ravages of the encroaching winter – in total 170 troops die as the forces struggle home over unfavourable and freezing terrain.

Game Effects

All armies retreat to their home capitals
Warriors of Chaos lose 170 troops

Winter Events
Winter is a time when newly conquered people may be tempted into dissent, and when disease
can wreak havoc among populations already weakened by hunger and war. Sometimes however
the winter can be a time of respite. So it was for the Druchii King as the remaining Dark Elf subjects
arranged a special tribute which filled the Dark Elf coffers by an additional 3 gold. The Undead also
benefited – as increased revenue from successful trade missions added an additional 3 gold to the
Undead treasury. Meanwhile, and despite the vile depredations of the Undead wizards, the Norse
had a plentiful harvest, which delivered an extra 4 gold. However, famine stalked the Bretonnian
lands making it impossible to rebuild and repopulate razed territory this year while a minor peasant
revolt on Kanesdue cost the Dwarfs 1 gold of revenue.

Game Effects
  • Dark Elves and Vampire Counts get 3 gold
  • Warriors of Chaos get 4 gold
  • Bretonnians cannot rebuild razed tiles
  • Dwarfs lose 1 gold

  • Vampire Counts have 35 gold crowns
  • Bretonnia have 30 gold crowns
  • Warriors of Chaos have 29 gold crowns
  • Dwarfs have 26 gold crowns
  • Dark Elves have 5 gold crowns

Spending Revenue
  • Diplomatic missions = 1 crown
  • Recruitment of troops = 1 crown per 100pts of troops
  • Recruitment of fleets = 3 crowns +1 timber per fleet
  • Rebuild razed tiles = 1 crown to rebuild a village and 3 crowns to rebuild a fortress or a city
  • Upgrade a village to a fortress = 5 crowns + 1 timber
  • Upgrade a barren tile to a fortress = 10 crowns + 1 timber
  • Upgrade a village to a city = 15 crowns
  • Baggage = 1 crown per D6 baggage points
  • Assassin = 1 crown
  • Spies = D6 per crown
  • Saboteur = 1 crown
  • Agents = 1 crown
  • Siege Batteries = 2 crown + 1 timber
  • Great walls = 3 crowns
  • Bridge = 1 crown + 1 timber

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